Two friends playing rugby together all their lives, find themselves talking about death.

Assuming there would be life after death, they came to an agreement. The first one to die would try to contact the other one and tell him about the situation in heaven (or hell).

After a while one of them died and the one left behind hoped to receive a message one way or another from the other side.

Nothing happened for months and then one night he heard his old friend call him in his dream:

“Hi buddy. I’ve got some good news and some bad news. Let me start with the good news.It’s great over here. We are playing rugby every weekend and you know what? We always win heroically, the grass is smooth, the weather and the beers are cool and refreshing. And on top of all. You won’t believe your eyes with the girls walking around here and all fighting to pleasure you. So that’s the good news.”

The other:

“OK. That sounds great. I am very happy for you. But what’s the bad news?”

Then the answer comes back:

“You’ll be in for the game coming weekend!”